Family description

Shrubs, climbers and trees, the trees sometimes with horizontal branching (Terminalia).
Leaves alternate to opposite, often crowded at twig tips, spiral, simple, untoothed, usually with fine translucent dots in leaf blade, often glands at leaf base or on petiole.
Flower usually small, in branched or unbranched spike like clusters, calyx 4-5 lobed, petals (when present) 4-5, free, stamens usually twice as many as petals, disk usually present, ovary inferior, 1-locular, 1 free style.
Fruit usually 1-seeded, winged.

General info

Distribution Pantropical, mostly woody climbers, 500 species.
Ecology Usually in open habitat types. Some fruits are dispersed by water and bats (Terminalia), many others by wind.
Uses Timber, ornamentals, shade trees.

Treated genera

  • Anogeissus
  • Combretum
  • Terminalia

Anogeissus leiocarpa

Combretum sp

Terminalia foetidissima